IMG_1610An early off in the morning (the hotel is not a place to linger). We have booked the Michelin guides recommendation of Hotel Vauban in  for a couple of nights, hopefully it will be ok.

We start by following the Valley of the Soane as far as Vesoul which is very scenic. Again a picnic lunch works well and we sit by the side of a little lake near Vesoul to have this. Actually all very nice.

Sadly Doreen (the GPS) has packed a sad and will no longer turn on.  IMG_1624It’s pretty hard to go back to conventional maps and finding the hotel is really a nightmare.

The day gets pretty hot (31 degrees according the the Spyder) and we are pleased to arrive at the hotel (after several goes) which is charming. Phew.

A walk into town reveals a slightly down at heal shopping centre with an excellent book shop. The old town is more attractive and the town boasts a music festival. We have a drink at one hotel (another Logis I think) and the service is very poor so we move. The Logis de France have been something of a disappointment on this trip.

Dinner at the Boeuf Carottes in the old town is not at all bad. My vegetables are a bit overcooked which is disappointing and unnecessary but the canard is good and apparently the scallops are great.