IMG_2651Reluctantly leaving Le Chateau LeTour we head North East to Gray (well we had to didn’t we). A picnic lunch in the fields is very pleasant but the trip goes rather wrong when we turn up back in the mess that is Dijon. The road signs have been removed and the place is bedlam, luckily it’s Monday so everything is inexplicably shut.

Gray turns out to be rather no descript and the Logis de France (Le Fer a Cheval) is really pretty run down. The other hotel on the roundabout is worse as it’s closed and no one answers the bell. This will be a one nighter.

There’s a Le Boat out the back which explains the places popularity but really there’s little to commend it so far.

IMG_2652We found a launderette over the river but my word it demanded a strange selection of coins and offered no change machine. With the help of the neighboring heating man and the restaurant around the corner we assembled the required coinage but then problems, it ate my money.

Suffice to say that after a lengthy call with the number on the wall a rather scruffy gent turned up and hit the machine rather harder than I had. This worked and eventually we git the whole bag done. Great to have clean laundry.

Dinner at the restaurant V.O (who provided the coins) was actually very good although the place was pretty deserted (only 7 covers).