IMG_1539Mary has discovered that the Mercure offer free breakfasts to the over 60’s so we gave that a bash. Sadly it’s a hotel breakfast but the croissants and so forth are very good so that’s what we have.

Beaune is our first stop and full on market day. A splendid show complete with a friendly  accordion player. That and the amazing medieval Hotel Dieu (hospital/hospice) make it a great place to linger. We sadly are on our way to the country having booked the Chateau LaTour in Fours in the neighboring department of Nevers.

IMG_1542The motorcycling is excellent although we do get drenched at Autun (coffee stop) and again just before we get to Fours. We agree that the country lanes are far and away the better part of the motorcycling, the trucks and so forth on the main roads are not pleasant for touring.

Le Chateau LeTour is quite excellent although a little unprepossessing from the road frontage. The rooms are splendid and overall we are delighted.

Mine hosts, Therese & Evert Jan Oosterhof are attentive and provide a splendid dinner of beef burgongoge which we eat with fellow guests Albert & Natalie. Overall an excellent experience.