IMG_1495Friday is one of the massive market days here in Dijon and it is just huge. We spent the day looking about that and the town’s ‘Owl Trail’, a self guided walk around the town finally ending up climbing the tower for the city view. Just great but pretty tiring, at the end we saw a party doing the tour on Segways, we really did think that looked like fun.

It was quite difficult to find further accommodation for Saturday as reports that most places (Beaune etc) are pretty busy. We are beginning to wonder if that’s the booking agency or there is something going on beyond American tour partiesIMG_1528

Dinner near to the hotel as we could not be bothered with the trek back to the old town. This was lucky in that the skys opened, full on electric storm. Unlucky in the sense that the Brasserie Le Forum is a touch mediocre but no less pricy for all that.

Back to the hotel during a break in the thunder and we had a drink in the bar (only 8:30 so the options we limited). Fortunately entertainment was offered by four very loud Americans , determined to let themselves down STB_1520in every way possible. They were utterly awful and fixed at full volume. We’ll check back on them at the free over 60’s breakfast in the morning.