IMG_1486A short trip to the pre booked Mercure in Dijon is scheduled for after our walk into Nuit St George for a pastry and coffee. Fortunately we didn’t get soaked in the heavy shower as we were able to simply have a second coffee.

By the time we got to Dijon the rain started in earnest and we were obliged to find our way to the hotel in pouring rain. Not difficult with the GPS normally but they are digging up Dijon to install a tram/railway and the place is a nightmare of one ways and diversions.

IMG_1483Finally arriving we have a little time to wait before the room is ready. We use the time well sitting in the lobby reading papers surrounded by our clutter, surprisingly the room is quickly ready.

The afternoon is spend aimlessly meandering about the old town centre and eating a rather more slap up lunch than we perhaps intended. Seems the Mercure (although very nice) is not on the right side of the town and it’s a 15 minute walk - fine if it’s not raining and the town has not been dug up to add a railway.

Dinner at Le Dome (mentioned in the Michelin) adjacent to the covered market is very good.