IMG_1436The colds have left us feeling like another day in Avallon was in order so we did a few more housekeeping matters. Getting M’s trousers ironed(!) and posting a bunch of ‘not required on the voyage’ items back to the UK. This should ease the packing and lighten the load on the bikes. The postal customs form nearly defeated Coffee Break French at La Poste but a very nice English speaker stepped in and helped out at the end. I must do more lessons.

After that a coffee with the Aussies (we met them again, the fates must be telling us something here) and back on the bikes to see the bits we missed yesterday.

IMG_1447Tonnerre is a very down at heal town with few obvious redeeming features except for the fascinating Fosse Dionne.  We were not tempted to stay and indeed the steady dribble of tourists all seemed to take the same route, a look at the Lavoir and back into the transport. The city fathers need to work on this urgently as the town appears to be dying.

Nearby Tanlay is little better and on our day the one restaurant was closed. We passed on the chateau and went back to the Auchan supermarket at Tonnaire for a very nasty sandwich and coffee. Quite the worst food we have had since we left the UK.

Fortunately the surrounding countryside is quite lovely.

Another excellent dinner at the Gormillon rounded off the day.