IMG_1406Still in Avallon the forecast has changed to now not include rain. We decide however that we should stay another night anyway and have another look about the surroundings. Avallon is in any case closed on Mondays.

Todays destinations include Montreal, Noyers-sur-Serin, the Abbay de Fontanel (UNESCO world heritage) and Semur-en-Axis. All are interesting but the day is much warmer than yesterday and the heat (and our colds) make us pretty tired by the days end. We were planning on Tonnerre and Tanlay as well but flagged those at lunchtime.


At Montreal we met a group of Aussies on a cycling tour who were most interested in the trike and had an long chat. They sent us on a detour to Thizes, not far out of the way but worth the excursion for the view.

Gormillion was closed so we found Chez Manu which, it has to be said, was very bit as good. An excellent meal and a most helpful waitress who’s English made up for our lack of French. Again the Aussies were there and we had an aperitif with them.