IMG_1370Oh what a night. Dinner was at the Du Canal and had our party divided on the meal. For some great for others ok at best. Obviously it depend what you have. The real down side came later.

Migennies has the nastiest railway station that can be imagined. Freight trains ran all night, seemingly through the boat. You’d want the later checkout time and bring the boat in though the lock at 9am when it opens. Just don’t stay at the base, you’ll regret it.

The taxi arrived more than punctually and returned us to Tannay for the bikes. The driver was most interesting having lived in Australia for 15 years and then returning to Tannay. Obviously great insights and excellent english.

The afternoon was spent visiting the basilica at Vezlay (relics of Mary Magdalene) and the to Avallon. Finding a hotel proved mer difficult (actually only expensive) as the Logis de France was full and we just did not want to be out of town.IMG_2578

We ended up at the Hostelry de la Post (same names keep cropping up) in the middle of town. Very nice room and spacious too. Sadly the restaurant has all the ambience of a dead cabbage and the food can only be described as bland. I suspect my trout was frozen at some point but it was just tasteless. Pity as the service was otherwise good.