IMG_1364This is effectively the last day on the boat as we have to vacate by 9am tomorrow. A taxi is arranged to get us back to the bikes at Tannay but I’m not clear how we will leave there as a runny nose in the helmet is a bad thing.

The run is a simple one from Auxerre to Migennies on the Canal de Bourgogne. Given the time we have to return the boat we are obliged to spend the night in the base. Another annoyance as pick up time from Le Boat is 4pm particularly since we get to pay for the cleaning......

IMG_2570Overall the boating experience is a delightful and relaxing experience once you’ve gotten over the pice. A week however is too short to get the benefit however, our two weeks is about right. Picking the right craft for your needs however is critical and while ours is close it does not fully hit the spot.

The Southern part of the journey to Bayes was really a bit too isolated and the best part of the trip from our point of view were the towns and villages rather than the countryside.

June has been a perfect time to go with the weather mixed but mostly warm and the canal relatively uncrowded. Clearly it gets far too busy and far too hot in the summer here. Take warning.