IMG_1330Spent the day looking around Auxerre. There’s a self guided walk and lots to see (and buy if you’re so inclined). Crepe for lunch and a very nice dinner at La P’tite Beursaude at the end of the day - not quite up to the standard of the previous nights but pretty good none the less.

Only blot on the landscape is the cold I’ve come down with, I blame getting soaked in Tuesdays downpour.
We had an interesting chat with a young(ish) American couple on Wednesday who had a very very nice hire boat out of Vermenton. They booked it through France Afloat and it is not only better equipped with a far more suitable layout than ours but it’s almost new. It has to be said the our Le Boat is getting tired and the design is poor with the forward cabin annoyingly cramped.

While on this subject, as I found last time, the Le Boat ‘extras’ are really annoying. Engine hours, bikes (€45s a week - each), insurance, cleaning charge, navigation book, diesel    deposit, etc., etc. Is really a turn off. We want to know what the cost is going to be and the barrage of rip-off add-ons really spoils the experience. The engine hours add-on also clearly encourages higher speeds rather than a leisurely troll down the canal and you see the Le Boats giving it the gravy.IMG_0309

I don’t know what France Afloat charge but in our view Le Boat is a rental firm best avoided.