IMG_1282Excellent pain au raisin at Vincelles. We stopped to look at the caves of Bailly some 20 minutes down stream but sadly the next tour was four hours away. Some Aussies in the lock had told us that we should ride over to the village of St Bris les Vineux, a bit steep but only a couple of kms.

By the time we pushed the bikes to the top of the hill and saw the decent on the other side there was a general ‘non’. We should have realized the Aussies would have us on.

IMG_1284A highlight was one of the lock keepers gave us a demo of how the weir (with the sticks) works. He said there are 600 in the one weir and my word what an effort to put them in or out

Auxerre seems to be a charming old town with only a little of the concrete wilderness that is the bane of so many towns visible from the river. The guides recommended mooring at Aquarelle is expensive but has everything you need including wifi and is very handy to the middle of town. We shall explore tomorrow.

Aquarelle offer several IMG_1286recommendations for restaurants and we choose the Rendez Vouz which turns out to be truly excellent. The chef looks just like our neighbor in NZ but is a superb cook. Brilliant (I’ve never had crispy veal trotters before but would do so again). We were all very taken with it and it will be a hard act to follow.