IMG_1277Vermenton boasts a supermarket and a laundrette which we made good use of. We will BBQ on the banks of the canal tonight and spend Wednesday/Thursday nights in Auxerre. Once again we have missed the morning lock keepers hours but that really is hardly a problem.

Lunch at the canal side at Cravat before stopping for the night at Vincelottes. Again the clouds came over but undeterred we had a look at the excellent canal side explanation of the early locks they used (lots of sticks all side by side - very dangerous) and cycled around the town and stoping for a drink at Le Cellia Pub/Grill.IMG_1278

The pub would rank as seriously overpriced and the ambience was of the publicans home (high chair, wife returning from shopping, wifes mate, grandma). In their favor Grandma however offered us a lift back to the boat as the rain was comming down in torrents by this time and we were only able to escape in a minor lull in the weather.

Much to the man we have been following in the ‘Monte Cristo’s amusement we set up the BBQ under the sun umbrella for tonights dinner. Overall things were a bit late and the boat (and crew) became a bit waterlogged as the boat leaks in the rain. Damp bedding!