IMG_1199A bit of rain overnight and much cooler morning and a second excursion to the top of the rocks with the full party give a few planking opportunities. By the time we had finished breakfast and were ready to go there was only time for one lock before the lockkeepers shutdown at noon.

Since we now are back to no bread we stopped to explore the tiny cliff top town of Mailly-el-Chateau. Sadly we had just missed the boulangerie and had to make do with a coffee at the cafe. French opening hours are a mystery to all.

IMG_1213Terrifyingly when it comes time to do the blog none of us can recall where we had lunch as recently as yesterday. What we do know is that we haven’t had one today although none of us need it!

More thunderclouds and heavy rain in the afternoon but not enough to cause any issue.

Dinner at Vermenton (on a spur of the canal) was problematic as, of the two restaurants mentioned in the book, one was closed due to sickness and the other gone without trace. IMG_1272We settled on the menu of the day at Le Meridien which was recommended by an Irishman living in the town who said it was the best place to eat in town. Actually excellent value.