IMG_1161An early(ish) sunny morning stroll through town to the cafe to join the men betting (possibly on Rapido whatever that is) and have an expresso is likewise rewarding. Baguettes, croissants, huge eclairs and the like are a welcome by product of our visit to town.

By the time we left we had to do quite a bit of motoring to get to our night stop at Roches du Saussois. This area has huge limestone(?) cliffs next to the river and is really spectacular. You can (and we did) climb the rocks via a scrambly sort of path and the view is very rewarding. Luckily we missed the very heavy thunder shower

IMG_1185A group of young french climbers came to use the pontoon for a swim after a long weekend of rock climbing. Another Coffee Break French opportunity and I must say the podcasts make it seem much easier than the real thing turns out to be. Luckily they had quite a bit of English but they let me practice.

Sadly the Saussois pub was well shut (on a Sunday evening, madness) but our barbecue on the pontoon went surprisingly well with the very excellent Sancerre wine we had bought at Le Martin-Pecheur.