IMG_1122Exploring Tannay is a bit of fun, I am released from supermarket duty and am free to get a pastry, put away a couple of cafes, haircut and generally wander about town practicing my bonjours. It’s not large but the people watching is none the less fascinating for that. 

By the time the hot and tired shopping party return it’s back to the boat for lunch and me to keep my head down. 

There’s some anxiety to be off as we have spent the entire morning in Tannay, actually I could have spent more time there as there seems to be quite a bit to see that remains unseen. We may return and have a closer look at the bric a brac shop that has an interesting collection of china. Sadly the information center was shut so I could find out no more about it. Ho Hum.

IMG_1139Course set for Clamecy,

Dinner at the books’ recommendation of Hostellerie de la Post was excellent with first rate service. It turns out to be a Logis de France so might be worth a return.