IMG_1111A much nicer day today and a relatively early start as we have agreed to convoy with ‘old smoky’ at 9am.

The book says that the market day in Clemency is Saturday so we now have two days to get there. Let’s hope that we don’t need to resort to Michelle’s assistance again.......

Our plan for the day is to get provisions at Corbigny again, despite the 3km cycle ride. When we arrived at the port ‘the man who’s name is not Ted’ (Ted is 70+ and retired but the navigation book says he is still there) says that the town and indeed the whole of france is closed for Ascension.

IMG_1120The only choice is lunch at the Chitry-les-Mines chippy. This, it has to be said is also ‘tres rustic’ however it is my chance to try the regions famous spicy sausage - andouillette - which is apparently very good here. Mme. last night was quite right when she said “you won’t like it”. It is very nasty indeed, having a pungent and most unpleasant smell. That will be a last.

The afternoon takes us on to Tannay as ‘the man who’s name is not Ted’ says the restaurants will certainly be open there this evening. Luckily he turns out to be right.


Splendid dinner at the Hotel du Morvan, not so much for the food which was quite ordinary really but for the music. Pascal plays trumpet and his son(?) the keyboard. A most entertaining evening.