IMG_1085Laundry done, water filled and ready to go early but more engine problems. The temperature alarm on the engine would not stop despite the engine being stone cold. Once again Michelle gets called.

This would seem to be a standard fault and Michelle knew exactly what to do and came in with a bottle of bright yellow fluid, refilled the radiator bottle (right - still no radiator) and we were away.

Once through the tunnels on the way back north we got to the locks just in time for the lock keepers lunch break so another delay. Several more delays ensued while we waited for boats to come up the 16 lock staircase.IMG_1100

We travel in tandem with a very smelly but good looking french boat who’s Mme nearly upends it in one of the locks, much scurrying to close the paddles before she sinks it. Fortunately the rope let go first. Finally arrived at the night before lasts stop (Sardy-les-Epiary) at about 4:30pm

I get barracked about the blogging by the crew, who all want to have their input. I’ve told them this is my blog and they should write their own.  Huh! I shall have to pick my times better

IMG_1088Dinner is something of an issue as shops have been few and far between. The other restaurant choice in the waterways book is unresponsive (the book says it’s closed wednesdays) so stretching Coffee Break French to the maximum I ask if Le Martin-Pecheur can arrange a another collection. I think they said yes but we’ll see if they really do pick us up at 7. 

Later..... M. arrived a spot early and we scurried to get ready had a grand night at Le Martin-Pecheur. Dancing with some of the locals followed and we had an interesting conversation with one gent who’s off to NZ for the World Cup rugby. Some of the party had sore heads....