IMG_1044Rain in the night and strong winds persisted into the morning and much much colder. One of the crew down with dysentery in the night left us three handed to get through the locks in intermittent rain.

It has to be said that all the lock keepers were very helpful and quite charming but my word we got cold. One lady even sold us some fresh bread. Great.

We cycled from the port of Baye to the nearby village of La Collancelle which according to  the book has a store. Sadly this has closed IMG_1058and the man at the restaurant directed us to the nearby(ish) town of Bazolles. Frankly I’ve never cycled quite so far in since I was a kid.

The store at Bazolles is not an experience that you’d be too sorry to miss. Very very limited selection and then cycle back.

We’ve booked the restaurant at La Collancelle (Le Martin-Pecheur or Kingfisher) which has been recommended by one of the lock keepers. They have offered to come and pick us up. We shall see.


IMG_1073Seems that Le Martin-Pecheur is quite as described by the lock keeper as “tres rustic” but really rather fun. M. and Mme. were very hospitable and the steaks were just huge! A very pleasant night.