IMG_1032Cycling up to the hill to the nearby(ish) 3 kms village of Corbigny is a bit of a struggle but we manage it for a welcome Perrier and coffee. A little shopping for breakfast and other consumables follows with a helter skelter down the hill. A bit scary

M. The lock keeper was very keen for us to travel in tandem with another ‘Le Boat’ boat to conserve water in the locks. They were a bit crash and bash but all was well until we reached a lock with too little water in the pound above. M. said we should wait until 3pm (this was just before 12) for the pound to refill.

IMG_1040About 1pm M. returned and said we should be off. This was a touch premature and the boat in front promptly ran aground. As we waited our boat overheated so we switched off and rang the boat base. Michelle (the engineer said he would be there in about half an hour).

At the lock keepers insistence we ran the boat at intervals to get beyond the low level section and moored next to a quarry to await rescue. This finally arrived in the person of Michelle and a new fan belt (not that the boat has a fan but it’s more or less the same thing)IMG_1042

Most of the day was consumed by this point and we moored shortly thereafter in a quiet piece of countryside near a tiny village of Sardy-les-Epiry just before a staircase of 16 locks. BBQ dinner.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by the germans who moored behind us and erected a tent some way distant. They amused themselves by lighting a fire.