IMG_1005It’s been a major getting everything organized for this trip in the three days we allowed, it was far too little. Collecting the bikes (from Alton and Nuneaton), arranging MOT’s, visiting people and all the rest then having to pack was very stressful for all concerned - especially with full on jet lag! There may have been some disharmony.

Anyway. We had an early start (due jet lag and anxiety) with a late departure (more stress) then a dry but cold (10-12 degrees C) run down to Dover. Fortunately traffic was heavy but free flowing and we were in good time for the 12:20 ferry, which was a bit late.

IMG_1009Very cheated by lunch at the Clacket Services on the M25. One of the shops has actual people making sandwiches in the window, rather giving the impression that the products you buy there might be fresh rather than made in some remote factory and shipped around the country. Sadly once made they keep them in a chiller for 24 hours - perhaps the British prefer them this way?

Once over the Channel we made straight for the Chateau de Cocove as last time (some years ago) this was a first class option very close to Calais. I’d pre-booked as I wanted to give M an easy introduction to driving on the continent and this allowed us to refuel and get off the road by 4pm.