IMG 0831Our run today takes us through Masterton and into Ekatahuna both of which are below our already low expectations, clearly the latter has had many failed ventures with closed cafes and the like. Cold is the major problem today with a low of 5 degrees C.

The Paihtua track is no longer a track being tar sealed and a very nice run for the bikes (and us).

Wanganui is a hard place to find a motel and cafe in close proximity. Worse yet there's a womens bowling championship taking place which has filled a number of the motels. The Riverside, about a kilometre from town seems to be the best of the selection available and we are fortunate to get the last room they have at 4pm. There is also a shortage of restaurants (many cafes but resturants seem in short supply, so we take our hosts recommendation of Stellas, a bar and grill which was quite acceptable of it's type.