IMG 3354Our last day and we have to make for Alessandria to catch the train tomorrow. We do have time however to visit Portofino for lunch (actually Santa Margherita a little before). Portofino's a pretty wee place a bit overrun by tourists but the cars (and motorcycles) have nowhere to go so there's no choice but to walk to it.

The beach at Santa Margherita is clearly a man made construct and the staff are busy painting the beach changing rooms while we are there. The place will be just bedlam in the season.

IMG 3362You can feel the money here it's plainly a place you just don't ask how much it's going to cost.

The Diamante hotel outside Alessandria is a business hotel in the middle of an industrial estate. Off to the bar.

The hotel is an object lesson in how not to do things. Certainly new, well appointed and clean but the lobby/bar staff are lost.

We sat in the lobby and had a couple of drinks which we had to get. The bar tender could not remember our room number despite having nothing else to do, no one came to talk to us, another drink perhaps, and the restaurant stayed empty. Nibbles were laid out but a sign said E3 per person, first time in Italy. There were no takers except staff.

We went next door for an excellent pizza. On our return two hours later our drink glasses were where we had left them. The resturant was however full with a coach party.