IMG 3342Breakfast at the Residenza D'Epoca San Lorenzo is not a quick affair. When S. says 8am he means that the nice lady arrives then, or shortly thereafter so breakfast is realistically at 8:30 or so.

Our day takes us via the autostrade to Lucca near Florence via a short coffee stop at Lago Trasimino and an a modest lunch at a motorway service station.

The B&B Anfiteatro in Lucca needs the GPS to find it and it's still not obvious. The town is pedestianised and all the better for it.

IMG 3279We have to park outside the town and the underground car park is staffed by a jobsworth who, unlike Brugge is very much not there to help but in fact to get us out of the place. We park in the square in the free m/c parks.

Lucca is a very nice town and we are very sorry that we don't have more time to explore, especially I am told the shoe shops.

The "night at the opera" is very good with arias from Puccini, Verdi and others. Only lasts an hour (Italian opera is still not my thing) then dinner at the Tripadvisor recommended Osteria da Pasqualino Gubitosa - Mondovino. S Pasquale actually takes the booking as it's actually full but he makes an exception for us. Most kind.

Tripadvisor has been kind to S. Pasquale and he has kept up the food standard I'd say and the wine is excellent. Be warned the beef is very rare, however you ask for it.