IMG 3309After some discussion we've decided to spend a second night in Todi, partly for a look around, it's a very picturesque town, and partly to do some laundry as there just is not enough left clean to get back to UK.

First off we've made a hotel reservation for tomorrow night in Lucca and a booking for "A Night at the Opera" there. We shall see.

The highlight of the morning is the climb of the church tower for the magnificent view of the surrounding area. After this is starts to rain so we hang out in one of the cafes on the piazza.

IMG 3332Our laundry mission nearly goes badly wrong as the laundrette our host has sent us to is a dry cleaner and full service and closed (it's afternoon). Luckily there is a self service just around the corner and so most of the washing (except the stuff forgotten in the hotel up the hill) gets done. No matter, now enough smalls to get home with.

Dinner was so good last night we decided to repeat the performance. Perhaps unsurprisingly our friends from the previous night were there and we joined them for another fun evening.