IMG 3301Much discussion about how best to return to Alexandra for our return train journey. In the end we decide that the best plan for tonight is to get to Todi in Umbria via a mix of Autostrada and back roads and then consider our options and the forecast for Wednesday.

Our lunch stop at L'Aquila proved very interesting as we were unaware of the 2009 earthquake and found ourselves in the 'red zone' where the are many deserted buildings. The place is in a very poor state and clearly efforts to rebuild, as in Christchurch, are not well advanced either due to aftershocks or perhaps money. We left.

IMG 3304The journey was mixed both in weather and scenery ranging from cold to very cold and fabulous to horrid respectively.

We prebooked at the Residenza D'Epoca San Lorenzo in central Todi as recommended on Tripadvisor which we find ourselves using more and more. This allowed us some certainly of a reasonable room for the night and lets us arrive later than if we just turned up looking for a bed.

Despite the several flights of stairs and the difficult to find nature of the Residenza D'Epoca San Lorenzo it's a great spot and we heartily concur with the other Tripadvisor reviewers.

Our host recommends the nearby Antica Hostaria for dinner and that we do not need to book. This nearly proves our undoing as it's full however a couple from Minnesota invite us to join them at their table. This proves to be great fun and they are most interesting and entertaining. The food is also terrific and the chef (John, a Scotsman) is clearly a master of his profession.

Overall a first rate evening.