IMG 3290The rain sets in overnight and over breakfast we talk to four young people working here in Italy teaching English in schools by means of theatre. See

By midday the rain seems to have cleared so we head off for a spot of sightseeing and lunch. Sadly this is harder than it ought to be and after 30 minutes sheltering under a bridge we carry on. This is well out of season and the places we see are all closed.

By chance we see a group of four park and g IMG 3297into what appears to be a closed restaurant so, in for a penny, we follow suit which leads us to an excellent seafood lunch.

Pictured are some of the "Trabocchi" or fishing platforms that line the coast. No idea how they work but they are very curious.

After lunch we head into Lanciano for a spot of shopping and sightseeing, not that there's much of either of interest in the slight rain except the cathedral built on top of a bridge.

Tonight we shall have to plan for our return to catch the train.