We very much wanted to like La Scuderia, our holiday rental in Amandola, Italy. It is a great location, central, quiet and private however we were disappointed with the presentation which we felt was a lacking and did not live up to the advertising. The owners have it on the market and in fact had an inspection while we were there. So it may soon have new owners at ymmv.

Here's where it fell short of our expectations:

  • The advertisement says that there is a "Shower Enclosure, ...., Bath with Shower" there is in fact only a bath with a shower hose.
  • The advertisement also says that the kitchen has a "tumble dryer, spices". There is no tumble dryer and there was not even salt and pepper nor any spices.
  • The pictures on the web sites vary from the reality as some of the indoor and outdoor furniture is now gone.
  • The well equipped kitchen pictured on the website is now pretty spartan
  • No pictures on the wall (the web site shows at least one) and the hooks remain

amandola-home-italian-rentals-la-scuderia-bedroom-1656591IMG 3270












We don't normally knock places we visit and these are only little things and individually would not bother us but in total they add up.

Some things didn't work:

  • The washing machine, it sat and hummed filled and drained but the drum did not turn. Sadly it could not be repaired during our stay, so we were stuck with the local launderette. (in fairness the owner paid for this latter
  • A jug to catch the drips under the water heater required emptying every other day.
  • The three cushions for the six outdoor chairs had been left outdoors and were dirty and unusable
  • One of the outside umbrellas skeleton ribs is broken.



IMG 3266












Some of the basics (remembering that arrival by bus is suggested as an option) were missing:

  • No bottle opener (wine or beer), no dish washing liquid, only two tablets for the dish washer (minimum buy at the supermarket 17 apparently), no hair dryer, no mini soaps or shampoos and initially only two coat hangers (extras were provided when we asked).
  • There were only dirty rags in the kitchen closet (nothing suitable for wiping surfaces) and one of the trays in the oven was dirty.
  • The drawers in the bedroom chest of drawers were dirty, we put our clean stuff in before we realized! There is nothing to clean them with.
  • The light fixtures upstairs and downstairs are dirty

We booked this property through www.ownersdirect.co.uk who we have used before however we would not do so again. The big drawback is that ownersdirect.co.uk don't get involved in the process and don't have customer reviews on their site so you are taking the vendors property entirely at their face value. See http://www.trustpilot.co.uk/review/www.ownersdirect.co.uk for more information.