IMG 3205The cold has hit Mary hard and biking is not an option today.

There are some chores that I can do, the first being to get some waterproof boots in case, Heaven forbid, it should rain again. The old boots are still damp and after some reserach I set off to Motolive in Montecosaro.

The owner at MotoLive is very helpful but a little light on English so what with the phrase book and Google Translate we do make a go of it and I walk out by 1pm (closing time) with a new pair of genuine all Italian, guaranteed waterproof boots. He is very uncomplimentary about Schubeth helmets shoing me one that has been dropped. His preference is Lazer, but then he does sell them.

I return via lunch at Macerata to find M still not up to much so I finish the day with a very short haircut at Scissors. After removing a large chunch he did ask if that was ok, by that time it was a bit too late. Anyway it'll grow, in places.

Dinner was takeout pizza from around the corner and a rather sad old David Niven movie, "A matter of Life or Death", I much prefered the Wallace and Grommet version.