IMG 3235Woke up nursing something of a cold, no great surprise due to yesterday's soaking I suppose. Today planned as a quiet day catching up on rest and the laundry, we are now out of clean clothes (actually have been for some days but have been able to find ones that pass the 'sniff' test, mostly).

Sadly the washing apparatus at the apartment makes all the right noises but fails to actually wash anything. Finally we complain to the housekeepers (who are right onto it and offer to do it for us) but also tell us about the towns laundrette, just what we need, an afternoon at the laundrette.

Luckily the forecast is for rain and as usual this comes mid afternoon just as we come back to the house in our still wet gear. 

Dinner is more problematic but the Hotel Paradisso is able to provide a very nice (albeit simple) meal. It's a real deal to find as it's on top of the the Amandola hill and we take the long way around via the road. For whatever reason they choose not to put up signs for the whole distance.  Luckily there is some street lighting so we can find our way back.

Very nice young couple with their six month old have returned to the Paradisso for their fifth anniversary as they had their wedding there. Long way from the UK but they said it worked very well.