IMG 3196A lateish start as we don't have too far to go and can't get into the rental villa in Amendola until 4pm. More to the point my cold has taken hold and I'm in no rush to get out of bed early.

There's a choice of route as Amendola is the other side of Mount Sibillini from Spoleto, a large mountainous national park but either way takes us over some of yesterdays ground. Our pick is to go north through Visso.

This time the 'Ace Cafe' at Cerreto was deserted by bikes, odd for a Sunday we thought. One detour to a nearby hilltop town (photoed) where the church was just emptying of the crowds of well dressed patrons, not like UK then. Lunch at Visso was interesting in a take away with chicken and chips, deep fried calamari and shrimps (my choice), baked tomato and other interesting and tasty foods. 

Showers were forecast for the afternoon but it was more persistent rain than showers. By 3pm we felt we had outstayed our welcome at the cafe Montebori in Visso and togged up for what Doreen said would be an hours run. Sadly she was well off the mark as her plans included some stretch of mountain gravel that we would not have attempted in the dry let alone pouring rain.

IMG 3166Glossing over this part of the day we arrived cold and drowned by 5pm and met Kevin & Jodi, the housekeepers, who gave us the guided tour (didn't take long - only two rooms). I think my perception of the premises was somewhat influenced by being wet and cold but at the time I was pretty unimpressed, mind you it would have taken something very special to impress me.

Rather grumpily we had to tog up and head for the supermarket to get some essentials, tea, milk, soap! and so forth.  

Anyway after showers and draping our gear around the premises we had a very good (and inexpensive) pizza at La Rimessa just up the road.