IMG 3225Mary writes:

Today was yet another interesting and exciting day. We decided to stay another night in Spoleto due to Bob having a sore throat and what looks like the beginning of a cold.

Breakfast at Palazzo Leti was again very nice. Off on an explore on the bikes. First stop Bar del Cacciatore where Signora had no idea what we wanted so our wait for tea was in vain. We were entertained by a group of Italian young bikers in very fancy track leathers which left nothing to the imagination about their physiques.

One thing we have found is that there is very strict regulations for car parking but nothing for motorbikes, it would appear you can park anywhere, pathways, curbs, other side of bollards, in the road,IMG 3185 really anywhere you can get the bike in and no fine, well not as yet! We have seen several times a group of BMW riders, maybe 20 or more having a lovely time and all of them grey brigade.

We missed a turn for the Piano Grande, must stop saying Grand Piano. The countryside is grand and majestic beyond belief, mountains with snow still on the tops and the views, breathtaking. The roads are not good and have plenty of pot holes, pays to be vigilant. Also, the roads are cut out of the mountainside so no room for error - its a very, very long way down!!

Lunch at Nocia (pronounced No-cha) where Bob parked in the middle of the road with a couple of other bikes and I drove up on to the pavement and just about blocked the pedestrians.

IMG 3230As we entered through the town gate a lovely man introduced himself. We spent quite some time with him as he was just yummy. He wanted us to guess his age and we had quite a laugh with that. Turned out he is 91 and was a prisoner of war. He taught his English captors Italian and they taught him some English which he likes to practice but doesn't get much chance. Loved that we were from New Zealand and took us to meet some of his friends. He had a great joke of us swimming to get to Italy.

We sadly left him and travelled on to the Grand Piano. The wild flowers were not yet out but none the less it really is the most breath taking place. Views from the summit on either side are beyond description, a vast valley with a little hilltop town at one end. When we were here five years ago we did see the wild flowers and it was spectacular (see Italy 2007).

We met three very nice Italian men who were most interested in my bike.

IMG 3233On our way back we saw a rather large dead snake in the road. I am really glad it was not me that ran over it as It was bad enough keeping control of the bike whilst trying to run away and the edge of the road got a bit near. I'm not a great snake fan.

Diner tonight at Al Bacco Felice Back at Spoleto and what an entertainment. Bobs comment was Mary Blotto at Splotto. Actually I wasn't but I did have some fun singing with the locals who were doing Karaoke with all Italian songs. Bob even sang as well!

The meal was very nice, Bob had a truffle dish and I had Scaloppini Limone. Meal was slightly marred half way through when we caught glimpses of the chef in the kitchen with a cigar in his mouth. We left the wonderfully friendly locals and walked back to Palazzo Leti. We have had a lovely three days here and the hotel is just lovely, if a bit pricey.