IMG 3157A self inflicted and very minor medical situation requires a trip to the doctor and the hotel are most helpful however the earliest appointment available is 11am, in Florence, the place with the manic traffic. Terrific.

Sadly this visit is not enough and I have to go to a clinic (just dont ask) the closest appointment being at 6pm just outside the city.

A minor altercation with the hotel is resolved (they upped the price when I told them two people and did in fact tell me, I just didn't print that page out). There are extras for parking and city tourist tax too which makes for a very expensive stay. It seems that the city doesn't want you and unless your idea of a fun day out is playing sardines in phone boxes you won't want to be here either. IMG 3161

With a bit of messing about we get to Fiesole, just on the hills north of Florence which is close enough to the clinic to be a practial evening visit. Fesole is much nicer than Florence and a little cheaper too. You can even get the tourist bus from Fiesole into Florence if you want although you'd be best giving that a miss too I suspect.

Watch the cafe Etrusca here, the manager? owner? tried three times to short change me! Honest mistakes? Of course!

Anyway we have found the Hotel Villa Fiesole just down the hill from the town and set up there, It has a great view, a resturant and the rain has just started so Mary wil stay dry and apart from my trip out (groan - 5km each way) so will I.

We've repacked to only require a single pannier at each stop to simplify getting into the hotel. As usual we've taken more stuff than we actually need.IMG 3164

My trip to the specialist is completely successful (despite the heavy shower) and it's all a false alarm so, once again, I only feel stupid. Luckily the doctor (and receptionist) are both bikers and conspire to make me feel among friends. Thank you both.

Drinks on the terrace overlooking Florence followed by a very pleasant dinner is much more like it should be. The Hotel Villa Feisole has to be recommended.