IMG 3094Much has been written about Florence by those far more articulate than I. For me it's grossly overcrowded and unless queuing to get into thronged museums is your thing then it's best avoided. We'd prebooked to get into see Michelangelo's David but you'd need to plan the entire trip to make the most of your time here.

Mary writes: "We are in Florence and must say a day is more than enough of the crowds. so, so grateful that we booked David. It really was wonderful to just stand and look. Did city tourist bus trip but what a nightmare to find A. Where to buy IMG 3099tickets and B. where was any frigging bus stops. Asked dozens of people (in shops!) who had no idea what I was talking about. One hour later got ticket and on to bus, it was also raining. Bought umbrellas from tall black man who was selling watches five minutes before. Mine promptly divided in to two parts neither of which was useful to keep the rain off. Found tall black man who reluctantly gave me another. Have walked miles and miles. Off tomorrow to find the real Italy, if it exists."

Mid afternoon finds us at the cafe next to the launderette ripping off someone's wifi to do our email and add this to the blog.

Curiously many of the places recommended at the hotel are closed on a Sunday so we content ourselves with a very nice, simple meal at Trattoria da Sergio just along from the hotel. It's convenient and very good.