IMG 3138Switzerland passes mainly in the night but Mary catches some mountains in the dawn. It's certainly a lot warmer here than in Holland and we seem to have left the rain behind for the moment.

Overall despite the lengthy waiting around while loading and the hours delay in departure due to some "disturbance" while the cars and bikes were loaded this has been a wonderful experience. It would be hard to fault either the service or facilities on the Autoslaaptrein and we would unhesitatingly recommend this as an alternative way to get to Italy.

The first part of the drive along Italian back roads through Gavi is delightful however the rest of the drive down the autoastrasse to Florence is pretty ugly with fast driving on narrow, poorly planned roads.

We are pleased to reach our destination of the Hotel Vittoria in Florence have a quick shower and dinner at the acceptable Napo Leona, nice wine though.