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It's raining. It's also cold. Multiple thermal layers do little to compensate and much spray on the vile M25 makes it all worse, that is until we get near Dover where gale force winds and high seas are an added bonus. My boots leak and despite three layers of thermals we are both cold.

The P&O ferry is late departing due to the late arrival of an earlier boat with most of the required crew. Despite the high seas the boat is very stable however and amazingly the weather on the other side of the Channel is a good 5 degrees warmer and dry. Go figure.

img 3002Given the weather, our plan is to drive right through to Brugge in Belgium and spend two nights there so we can do a bit of sightseeing and dry out our gear. A flash onto the internet and Tripadvisor leads us the the Hotel Jan Brito which is central, expensive has no parking but is otherwise excellent with the hotest towel rail in the world.

Dinner is adequate at an unmemorable local restaurant which tonight is catering to exclusively american customers.