Travel as usual by early bird special (booked last year) on Malaysian Airlines via Kuala Lumpur. Very surprisingly and a first for us is that it's only very lightly loaded. No wonder they are making such a loss. The second leg, after a welcome night stop at the airport Pan Pacific, is much busier. Not much more to be said.

During the next few days we have to make preparations which include getting a vehicle test from Apple MOT in Slough. Mr Vic Sweeney at Apple insists that the the wheel Spyder requires a front number plate. This is temporarily achieved with some double sided tape and a £10 number plate from the people over the road.

The other major fight is to update the Garmin Zumo GPS which has elaborate and incomprehensible software especially developed for the Mac. Far from intuitive this requires gigabytes of download a large SD card and the patience of a saint to try to get the areas we want into the device.