IMG 1686What to do? Well breakfast first and that’s included in the room rate and frankly very, very poor, mostly due to only being lukewarm. Not a good thing for a fry up.

We take the poor little Proton Saga (a kind of locally made car) up to the highest point in the Cameron Highlands, Mt. Brinchang. This is not to be recommended as the road is very narrow and very steep and in terrible condition. At one point the car cannot get moving again despite lots of noise. Mary has to dismount so I can get it to move at all!

Worse yet the traffic pays no mind to the state of the road with madmen driving at stupid speeds!


IMG 1704The worst news is that the top of the mountain (6600’) is engulfed in cloud so no view!

On the way down we take in the BOH tea plantation which is much more like what we expected.

Finally getting back onto what passes for the main road we carry on to the next “town”, Talah Rata, in case we are missing something. Nope!

All I can say is that if your plans include the Cameron Highlands then you would be well advised to change them unless you are keen on tramping where there seem to be many excellent tracks available. We will not be back.