Witches HatsIt should have been an early start but we'd both seen things in Vitre that needed  to be bought. Opening hours starting at 10am meant a delayed start after a look around town and in my case a gallette and sussuise (a sausage in a crepe) at the market which was tremendous.

A short run to the witches hat chateau in Fougeres was interrupted as I had luckily felt the key to the room in my pocket after a few minutes on the road. A rapid return to give it back was an option while Joan waited at the outskirts of town. As a result almost all of the morning was long gone by the time we were actually on the road.

On then to Gorron and a Super U purchased picnic lunch (cheese, fruit, foi gras, superb lemon tarts,  etc) eaten on a table by the side of a stream.  As we packed up however the forecast rain decided to give it the works. Thirty minutes or so later it was another stop to add more clothes to try and keep warm.

Thoroughly wet, we stopped for coffee at an Intermarche supermarket. I dripped a rather large puddle onto their floor and Joan discovered that the rain proof covers for her bags are rainproof in the sense that they collect the water and keep it in. So much so that she was able to empty a good 2 litres of water out of the starboard side. Not a happy camper.

Joans LuggageMy gloves have progressively been getting smellier and smellier, something to do with the damp I guess, but now they leave my hands smelling hugely horrible. I may be taking them back for a discussion.

Eventually we decided to call a halt at about 6pm, still a very good distance from Calais and after several tries found splendid digs at Le Auberge de la Cressoniere at Le Preaux just south of Pont-Audernur. The rooms are lovely and the restaurant divine (the latter is a little more expensive but then the rooms are a reasonable price)

Last hotelTomorrow it will be an early start to get to the ferry and the end of a splendid trip. You may assume that we will get up early(ish) and drive on the motorways for the first time in two weeks, poo!