menhirsA slow start, we are both getting pretty tired and although it is not hard work there is this constant flow of new stuff plus the packing, concentration on the road, language issues and where to? what now? how do I? Add to this early morning rain which left the roads wet until well into the afternoon and it does get hard.

I forgot to mention yesterdays 'incident' where I tried to pull over to the side of the road (a somewhat common occurrence) and ran into some green road menders sludge. Luckily the ABS cut in and and I came to a halt in an undignified but safe manner. Joan collapsed in a heap of laughter, mumbling about avocado slime, which I had to bear. Anyway parts of the bike are covered with a green crust which so far seems to be resistant to anything I can do to remove it.

A superb Breton apple slice at Chateaulin was followed by a really great lunchtime crepe at what I think was Le Frigate in Guidel. We met a couple of lady motorcyclists who wanted to to take a look at the map and repaid Joan with a sit on their Kawasaki 600. I think she'll buy one, the Kawasaki, not the map.

creperieAlmost all our drive was on the back roads which we both found great fun and in places a little challenging but so much nicer than the motorways.

The finally phase of the day was the standing stones at Carnac. Carnac is another of the typical tourist towns we have seen with little or nothing to commend it unless you need to stock up on more snow domes at this stage of the trip.

It was really hot by this point (after so much cold and wet you'd have thought we'd have been pleased) so we may not have paid enough attention but there are so many lines of stones that is is really hard to take it all in. You really have to wonder what the locals in 5000BC were thinking of. What's surprising is why they didn't bash the one who said "Hey! I've got this great idea! Let's get all these stones and..." over the head with a club.

Finding the pre booked Hotel des Voyagers in Auray was a bit of a problem. The Tourist Information office had knocked off very punctually for the day and unlike any of the others we have seen had no map of the town anywhere to be found in the centre. Several apparently locals had never heard of the hotel or the road.  

menhirsWe resorted to plan B and rode around for a bit until we found a roadside town map. The hotel turned out to be a couple of kilometres out of town, right by the railway station, somewhere past the 'projects' as the Americans would say (low cost state housing). Hopefully the moto's (motorbikes) will still be there in the morning.  Dinner in the hotel, pretty much our only choice, reminded us of nothing more than Basil Fawltey's gastronomic evening. Three couples in the largish restaurant with excellent food but....... you get the picture.

As I write this in my room I can hear the Bastille day fireworks in the distance. It sounds a huge display. Bugger! Aurey apparently does not have any celebrations of it's own, or possibly if we understood correctly they were yesterday, but anyway now we know why the hotel has spare rooms. Basically the hotel is very good but it's just in the wrong place, a great pity.

What possesses them to have no non smoking rooms anyway?