menhirIt was planned to be an early(ish) 8am start but I managed to sleep in until 7:50 so that put paid to that. We were on the road by 9am however with the intention of heading west to Brittany on as many of the Michelin road maps scenic routes as we could find.  

We had breakfast and purchased a picnic lunch at the rather small market in Pontorson, just south of le Mont. The town looked quite a bit better this time around, we must have been in a rather tired bit last time.

The road took us past a fascinating set of ancient standing stones called the Alignements de Lampouy and through the D'Armorique regional park. We will get more of these stones when we get to Carnac. Anyway we eventually ended up at Crozon/Morgat on the west coast.

It was a great ride through mostly lovely countryside but my bum was very numb by the time we got there. there was a little difficulty getting a hotel and the one we ended up with although it had sea views really was a bit of a dump. Pity really. The Moulles (mussels) were much better than last time however and the Bretton beer gets a thumbs up too.