CreperieThe rain fell again overnight and was still pelting in the morning. This put paid to our early departure and we decided to stay another night at the P'tit Quinquin. By 9:30 however the weather was clear enough for us to head of to Le Mont St Michel.

Le Mont is as fantastic as it looks. If you can look past the tat shops and snow domeries the architecture and building is as wonderful as it is old. We went into a cafe for a breakfast crepe and Madame wheeled us out, up a spiral (stone) staircase and into another place for our crepe and expresso. Brilliant. This is another occasion where you need to spend quite a bit of time to see the entire thing

L'abbeThe Abbey, working with nuns and monks actually having a service in the chapel is a top 10 experience. The views, history and even the very feel of the place is without parallel. By mid afternoon however it had really stared to fill up and it was time to clear out. Overall an early start and/or a wet day is essential to propper enjoyment of the place

I spend the remainder of the afternoon in retracing our footsteps in an attempt (futile) to locate Joan's specs. Hopefully tomorrow we can get her prescription from her UK optician and get some type of temporary specs that will do her until she can get backL'abbe