Medievil FeteA walk around Saint-Lô on a Sunday morning is none too inspiring. It's very closed, but that's typical of all of France. By 9:30 or so we'd found coffee and cake and Joan had attracted the interest of the Gendarmes in the square but that's another story.

Eventually we headed off to Bayeux again via back roads and arrived to find things fair humming with a medieval fete. Lots of stalls, costumed folk, entertainers and generally all in full swing. We dumped the bikes and after a minor panic about a missing disk lock headed off into the melee.

The cathedral is another amazing construction, nearly one thousand years old and just huge. You have to wonder at it all. After an hour or so we found the building housing the Bayeux tapestry truly awesome and the presentation is extremely well done.

Once more we are running very late so we head off for our second planned activity of the day at Gold Beach just outside Arromanches. Not surprisingly there is little left of 60 years ago except a large concrete bunker, an explanatory sign and a huge and incredible Mulberry (floating) Harbour. The children and parents playing on the beach were completely unaware of the events and history of the beach and the harbour in the distance.

Gold BeachWe quickly left and decided to go to Coutances for the night. Strangely the Lonely Planet described the hotels there in the same way as it had for Saint-Lô. Seems yours truly had read the wrong entry yesterday :(

Anyway the book is still wrong as the best hotel in town by a mile is the Hotel La Pocatiere run by M & Mme Martins where we have very nice rooms and a splendid dinner (although not as good as last night) at a very modest price.