img_7677A spectacular morning at the Mount followed by a really good breakfast at the cafe just next door, sorry the name escapes me.

The trip to Ohope Beach is really scenic as usual and by a lucky chance our friends there are not only in but standing on the deck as we arrive. They had no idea who the bikers arriving on their front lawn were. They came to the party with lunch though.

A late departure and a booking at the Hicks Bay Motel put more pressure on us than was wanted. We should not have made the booking and just stopped as was required, probably about 60km before we got to Hicks Bay, we wereimg_7692 both tired and needed to stop. There are few tourists and mid week here is dead quiet. That said motels or B&B's are few and far between in these parts.

I dropped the bike as I pulled up to get a pic of Mary coming around a corner, a bit of loose gravel, a nasty lip on the side of the road and not paying enough attention. Good news is that I had had the foresight to put a few cable ties in the panniers before we left. Phew! No real damage, just annoying.

The motel is very 1960's NZ in an idilic setting and the restaurant is of the same vintage. We were astounded to learn that the 'fish of the bay' was frozen and brought in from Gisborne. That is just so ridiculous - with the sea just there!. In fact pretty much all the meals were frozen and suitably disappointing.

sta_7681The continuous questioning about the bike is as wearing as the photos with babies in China. You'd think nobody had ever seen a trike. Oh they haven't? Well that would explain it.

All in all a great day with weather that only NZ can put on on a good day. Just a bit long. Weatched 2 episodes of Outrageous on the computer (thanks Joan) with a glass of wine. TV1 (the only channel) watched through a blizzard was just not acceptable entertainment.

No blog pictures as the internet was soooo sloooowwww.