img_7658Will it all fit in the Spyder? Will it rain? What shall I take?

It's hard to get out the door and there is some considerable uncertainty about the weather, periodic downpours are a bit disconcerting especially for our new chum. We finally make it onto the road just before noon and head towards Thames in somewhat mixed conditions.

Lunch at the Aeroview opposite the Thames airfield is as good as usual then followed by a rather wet run through the Kopu hill to Whangamata. The Spyder attracts attention wherever we go, the Beamer is very much a poor relation. One motorcyclist sticks to Mary's bum for a while to try, I assume, to work out, what it is before he gets bored with the pace and disappears into the horizon.

The road to Mt Maunganui is as usual busy with more rain and Mary has had quite enough by the time we get there, It's a nasty img_7661bit of road.

Fortunately the Pavillions Beach Front apartments are an excellent choice for the night although I, rather meanly, opt for a room with a rather limited sea view.  Showers then on to drinks and dinner.

Later. A splendid dinner at The Sand Rock Cafe next door. Monday night is slow at this time in the Mount and it was pretty much the only choice but very good albeit expensive.