IMG 0307A very exciting day! Headed south from Lucerne bright and early (9:30 ish) and bought breakfast and lunch sandwiches at a bakers on the outskirts of town.

Our plan was to take in a loop on the way to Brig over the Sustenpass and back over the famous Furkapass then continue down the valley of the Rotten Rhone.

The plan worked out well but we were gob smacked at the number of motorcycles doing the same thing. We saw literally hundreds if not thousands of them some being ridden in race track mode and others just badly. We fully expected to see piles of them at the various corners but astoundingly not.

As you can see there is snow still at the top of the passes, slushy but definitely snow.

IMG 0308What we did see was a rally of old cars ranging from Model T's to much more modern stuff including a favorite of mine,  the MGA. No VW Golfs though, I presume they are too rare. There were again dozens of others, perhaps 100, in gleaming order. Just great fun. We stopped and watched for a while.

By mid afternoon the day was pretty hot and about 20km before Brig the car in front of me veered into the rock wall and flipped. Fortunately nobody else was involved and we were able to quickly extract the occupants and give some first aid. Both had minor scratches and bruises. Others called the police and ambulance crews and we were only held up 30-40 minutes while the ambulance arrived.

The wife said the driver had fallen asleep! What was worse is he crawled back into the car to retieve her bag and would not be disuaded. We think he had had a lingering lucnh somewhere. Cretin. 

IMG 0309What did astound us was how many stood back and were happy to let a pair of foreigners take charge. We did slip away before the police arrived though as being a witness might have involved questions and still further delay.

The hotel in Brig had rather hidden itself but we managed to find it by 4pm and were glad to get out of the gear. The bikes claimed 34C and we believed them.

A welcome shower at the hotel and drinks and a simple dinner at Matza on their terrace surrounded by the old town and huge mountains. Splendid.