IMG 0304A huge day walking the town today. It started with breakfast at the Movenpick over the street 8SFr rather than 60SFr in the hotel. The hotel is nuts.

On the river we found a street market in full swing after which we walked over the 14thC bridge to explore the old city wall, part of which is unfortunately under restoration. The steps inside the towers seem quite rickety especially when parties of tourists take to them but there are some fabulous old clocks still working in there.

This was pretty early and the choice of clothing was well inappropriate as today turned into a 30C day

From the wall on to a lion carved into a cliff. Apparently famous. Then onto what was the highlight of the day, the Swiss Transport Museum. This is just great with so many interactive exhibits for kids (and some IMG 0300adults) a hangar full of trains, another boats and yet another planes, including a good old Piper Cub.

Also included were a collection of antique cars which could be extracted for exhibition purposes by a very clever machine. Some may recognise the red VW Golf being exhibited.

Finally we took the ferry back to town, quite enough walking in the heat for one day. It was amazing how many of the Lucernians had come out to be by the lake on a nice Saturday. Great fun but we do feel we have "done" Lucerne. Funny but I only remember the bridge!

 Later: A first rate dinner at "Stern". Probaly the best we have had on this trip with first rate service. The trick here is to avoid the waterfront which is full of drunks and noisy parties eating at suasage and chip joints. It costs no more but is a huge improvement.