IMG 0258The hotel have some issues with their car park, in as much as there is no obvious way out . Fortunatly we were able to release the door mechanism before we expired due to the heat (we were well rugged up for the cool weather on the motorway and the garage seems to be heated).

Anyway a brief delay and we were on our way. All motorway with lengthy roadworks and more delay just outside of Antwerp. 

The ride to Den Boshe was uneventful apart from the normal motorway hazards and having found the right entrance to the station all proceeded according to plan. There's a lot of waiting involved, over four hours from arrival to the train actually departing.

Den Boshe is easy enough to find but the station proved as elusive as last time!  We are still sitting on the platform 3 hours after arrival, bikes packed on long since and no subsequent action and no sign of our train. Ho hum.

IMG 0260There is a sandwich shop at the station selling actual freshly made sandwiches, made in front of you and with a date/time stamp on the ones on the shelf showing when today they were made. hard to believe that the UK will tolerate such poor quality when doing it right is so simple.

A few pre dinner drinks on board but the meal is a bit of a mess up, quite unlike last time.

Our sitting is late, 9pm instead of 8:30 and our selection (beef) is not available due to some kind of stuff up. We are also pretty much the last to be served and don't get out of the dinning car until midnight. After some complaint the wine is free but of course this leads us to have a bit too much.

The table on the other side of the car is something of a floor show with a Mr Know All pontificating to a pair of Germans(?) about all things English, monarchy (Prince Charles in particular), independent Scotland, house prices, in fact almost like Google but very one sided. The Germans took it all with surprisingly good grace we thought.

The bunks were comfortable but that didn't matter, we were out for the count.