IMG 1261An active day of sightseeing with the ancient and modern. The city of La Rochelle has much to commend it.

First the three towers, the oldest parts of which are 1000 years old. You can climb them all but need to get the timing right as they shut for lunch. Much of the documentation is also in english so we gained quite a bit of background but the main thing is the stellar views from the top.

Second (after lunch) a Segway tour of the city. This is a great way to get oriented as you can cover a lot of ground quickly and with an English speaking guide it makes a lot clearer then you can achieve on your own.

Finally a trip to the huge modern aquarium which has displays in both French and English. Very colorful and interesting but we'd had enough by this point so back to the hotel for a shower before drinkies and dinner.

We had dinner at what turned out to be a bar with snacks, not actually a restaurant which was a shame for our last night. It was a pity about the dinner but we do like La Rochelle and would commend it and the various local islands to anyone looking for an interesting few days visit.