IMG 1155Awoke this morning to the surprise news that the Brits have voted Brexit, just like they've gone with the turkeys and voted for Christmas. An amazing decision and very hard to see how it could work out well.

We spent some more time on the "what to do with the Spyder" issue and have reached a decision that seems to make sense. We spent the morning attending to the consequences and are both satisfied if saddened that we will probably lose the three wheeler.

The town of Saint Martin de Re is old (in fact another fortified town) and very pretty. We spent a very satisfactory few hours walking around before returning to the hotel for a paint and a research on what to do tomorrow (La Rochelle). It's still sunny but quite a bit cooler today.

Somewhat later we returned to the town for an excellent ice cream and to make a booking for dinner. Being Friday we expect there to be more pressure on the restaurants. Apparently the place is just heaving in the summer proper, we can only imagine.

IMG 1156The port is overflowing with boats as the lock gates open with the high tide. Yachts are mooring some 5 or 6 abreast

Dinner at Les Embruns was pretty good with more fresh seafood.