IMG 1094A restless night with much to think about.

Firstly (well after breakfast) I ride over to Europcar, which turns out to be somewhat further down the same road that I'd tried last night, and rent a "Twingo" for a couple of days then check out of the hotel and go back to Quad Bike Evasion to find out what they know about the spares.

The news is all bad but broken to us over a period. Ultimatly it turns out that it will be several thousand Euros and at least 15 days to get the parts from Canada. The insurance folk have been on the phone several times and so we invoke them to get a plane ticket back to the UK for Mary, we obviously can't hang about for that long.

Curiously the insurance will pay to repatriate the bike to the UK but not if we have it repaired first! Then they will only pay for us to come and get it! Weird.

Anyway back to the mundane with a trip the Cognac launderette being the most pressing where we have a long and inconclusive discussion on what to do next.

IMG 1093The Quad Bike Evasion folk are happy to store my bike until Monday (unlike the sods at Europcar) and so we decide to keep the car until then and have the next few days around La Rochelle before we both return independently to the UK. Not the end to the trip we had hoped for But no dis aster either.

The drive to La Rochelle is pleasingly uneventful but having no hotel booking we end up on the Ile d'Re (nearby) searching for a nice hotel which we finally find at the Hotel Galion in Saint Martin de Re.

Dinner at Le Tout du Cru could not be better with local seafood and a nice bottle of wine. We sat outside undisturbed by smokers and rolled back to the hotel for hopefully a better nights sleep.